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We've helped so far several startups in designing and creating their software tools, apps and websites. We are ready to find and develop cost-effective software solutions optimal for your business model and/or planned MVP.

Corporate Clients

We have years of experience in collaboration with corporate Project Managers and Software Architects. Let our EU based team be part of your software project. We will adapt to your process and offer the best quality and price on the market.


We help scientists focus on their research by developing required software tools and libraries. We understand science and conduct our own research. We are ready to help in your project and share our knowledge with you.


Fast native, VM and interpreted programming languages

We develop software for all popular desktop, mobile and embedded (ST, ARM, PLC) platforms using Asm, C/C++, ObjectiveC, C#, Java, Groovy, JavaScript(NodeJS), Erlang, Haskell, Python, Ruby, PHP.

Scalable server-side architectures and frameworks

We develop cloud-based software and work for years with all popular server platforms and network configurations. We design and create parallel (multi-core) algorithms for better utilization of modern hardware and use event-driven server solutions for best performance. Besides Nitrogen (Erlang) and Meteor, we also use popular MVC frameworks: Grails, ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails.

Optimized and modern front-end programming

We use the newest web technologies and develop modern JavaScript (also ECMAScript6) code for desktop and mobile web browsers (and NodeJS backends). We use wrapper-languages (for example CoffeeScript), frameworks such as AngularJS and we are ready to use Sencha ExtJS and other libraries. We create hybrid mobile apps using Cordova/PhoneGap.

Dedicated client-server and P2P communication protocols

We develop ethernet, IP and other lower-level network/radio/GSM protocols. We design software for the most popular application level protocols: IMAP, FTP, HTTP, WebDAV, Jabber, etc.

APIs, libraries

We have our own ready-to-use libraries and wrappers and use numerous standard, popular and not popular programming libraries and APIs covering all important aspects of software projects. Including 2D/3D graphics, media streaming and encoding, image processing, real-time messaging, distributed storage, cryptography, numerical computations, payment handling and many more.

Our Repository

Metacores Repository is a place where we publish programming & tech-related content which may be interesting for you

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Our R&D Labs


Computer Science Lab

We analyze and design languages, algorithms, and data structures to verify and optimize existing software and to propose best solutions for software architecture problems.


Hardware Applications Lab

We mix our telemetry, metrology and electroengineering knowledge with off-the-shelf and custom hardware to create, integrate and test optimal, dedicated hardware included solutions.